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The Muppet Show Theme (Tab)

Jim Henson and Sam Pottle – The Muppet Show Theme Like the Dad’s Army Theme, the Muppet Show Theme was co-written by one of the show’s creators. But unlike the Dad’s Army Theme it wasn’t so well served by a modern cover. This arrangement includes one of my favourite tricks: playing the bassline. The notes […]

Ukulele Festivals 2013

Here’s a preliminary list of the ukulele festivals scheduled for 2013. If you have details on any others leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll get it added to the list. USA and Canada New York Uke Fest 2013 Location: NY Society of Ethical Culture Concert Hall, 2 West 64th St (overlooking […]

John Bianchi/Eddie Cantor – The Dumber They Come (Chords)

John Bianchi – The Dumber They Come (Chords) The sentiments expressed in this song are those of the songwriters and do not necessarily reflect those of Uke Hunt. Necessarily. But the Ukulele Video of the Year voters certainly do reflect my opinion that this was one of the best ukulele videos of last year. It’s […]

Ukulele Video of the Year: Sophie Madeleine, Jocelyn Mackenzie & Emily Hope Price – Bei Mir Bist Du Schön

I’ve spent the last few hours in darkened room with only a rubber thimble for company counting votes for Ukulele Video of the Year and can announce the official winner: Sophie Madeleine, Jocelyn Mackenzie & Emily Hope Price’s cover of Bei Mir Bist Du Schön. And the chords are here if you want to play […]

Steven Tyler, Jim Boggia: UkeTube

Votes are pouring in for the Ukulele Video of the Year. A big early lead for Sophie Madeleine but the others are slowly catching up. Make sure you cast your vote before the deadline. An early contender for my nomination for the 2013 list from Catey Shaw with a song that’s been run, run, running […]

Ukulele Window Shopping

Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? The only way to make it up is with a Kanilea Ku’Uipo with a heart shaped soundhole. Jack Johnson and Pepe Romero signed cigarbox ukulele in aid of the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. The Todd Rose ukulele both looks and sounds very interesting (via Phredd). Gretsch guitarlele. Pictures: 1960s girl […]

Site Updates: Friday Links

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the site has been updated. Two big differences: UkeToob is now properly integrated with the rest of the site and the site should now be more usable on your phone. If you come across anything acting funky, please do let me know. Along with that, I’ve started […]

Dad’s Army Theme (Tab)

Dad’s Army Theme (Tab) I’m hoping the silver lining to the cloud of shitty comedy in the UK will be plenty more memorable theme tunes. Most shows seem to take themselves far too seriously to have a theme tune capable of being hummed or played on the ukulele. But you couldn’t accuse the Dad’s Army […]

Ukulele Video of the Year 2012: Vote

The nominees for the 2012 video of the year are in. Cast your vote in the doodad below. If you’re reading by email or feed reader and can’t see it click here to be taken to be taken to the blog. You can only vote once and polling closes at midnight Hawaii time on 24th […]

Weezer/Sarah Blackwood – Say It Ain’t So (Chords)

Weezer/Sarah Blackwood – Say It Ain’t So (Chords) The vote for Ukulele Video of the Year starts tomorrow. You’ll have to wait until then to see the nominees. One thing I will reveal: Walk off the Earth didn’t make the cut. A surprise to me given how huge a year they had last year. In […]

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