Wilfried Welti – Klassische Musik mit der Ukulele, Volume 2

Wilfried Welti has just released his second ebook of classical ukulele tabs. You can buy the tabs here and the MP3s here.

If you’ve used Wilfried’s free ebooks Musikalisches Naschwerk für Solo Ukulele and Solo Ukulele für Einsteiger I’m sure you’re already itching to hand over your money. This collection is just as imaginatively and meticulously arranged as those. And I’d say it’s his most accomplished collection yet.

It’s such a broad and well put together collection I’ve been trying to convince him to charge more than €9 for it. So I recommend buying it quick in case I succeed.

Here are the tabs in the ebook (or I should say ebooks since it contains four ebooks with the tunes arranged and presented in different ways).

1 – The Squirrel’s Toy
2 – Villanella
3 – The King of Denmark’s Galliard
4 – Almande le Pied de cheval
5 – Tourdion (Video)
6 – Wilson’s Wilde (Video)
7 – Mr. Dowland’s Midnight (Video)
8 – Se l’aura spira tutta vezzosa (Video)

Folk and Romanticism
9 – Stenka Razin
10 – Dark Eyes (Video)
11 – Kalinka
12 – Plaisir d’amour
13 – Barcarolle
14 – Blind Mary

Fernando Sor
15 – Opus 60, No.1 (Video)
16 – Opus 60, No.2
17 – Opus 60, No.3
18 – Opus 60, No.4

The Magic Flute
19 – How strong is thy magic tone
20 – The birdcatcher am I
21 – That sounds so glorious (Video)
22 – The Queen of the Night

Johann Sebastian Bach
23 – Now all the woods are sleeping
24 – Edifying thoughts of a tobacco smoker
25 – Air Italien


Ebook description page
Buy the tabs here
Buy the MP3s here.

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