Friday Links

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve just released the final part of the Christmas Ukulele Trilogy: Christmas Ukulele III: Return of the Magi. And the updated version of How to Play Blues Ukulele (if you bought the previous version and haven’t had an email from me with a download for the new one send me a message with the email address you used when you bought it and I’ll hook you up.

There are discount codes for both if you buy before Christmas:

Blues: ibluemyself ($5 off)
Christmas: theothertinytim ($2 off the Christmas III or the trilogy)

New Releases

– Rerelease for an old UOGB Christmas album: Never Mind The Reindeer.
AJ Leonard – Soft Lights And Sweet Music.
– Pre-order Molly Lewis’s stage musical Thanksgiving v Christmas.


Too Many Cookies! Which will only make sense if you’ve seen this. In case you were wondering about the chords


– Tips for playing ukulele with a guitar player.

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