Elliott Smith – Waltz #2 (XO) (Chords)

Elliott Smith – Waltz #2 (XO) (Chords)

Two things prompted me to do this one: tbone rightly chided me for not having done any Elliott Smith yet and my favourite ever episode of Roderick on the Line.

Suggested Strumming

This strum will see you all the way through the song:

d – – u d u

Main Strum (MP3)

With the intro you need to miss out the down strum on the first bar. So it starts with u d u. You can follow that with the main strum. But I like to do alternate bars of d u – u d u. So that makes the strumming for the very start of the song:

u d u
d – – u d u
d u – u d u
d – – u d u
d u – u d u

Which sounds like this:

Intro Strum (MP3)

Twiddly Bits

That’s followed by this little riff which crops up throughout the song:


Here’s how that sounds against the chords (played on another uke):

Intro (MP3)


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  1. The Captain June 23rd, 2015 8:07 pm

    A song by Elliott Smith is always welcome and sounds quite good on uke. I wouldn’t mind more …

  2. Chris H June 24th, 2015 2:14 am

    Absolutely brilliant Al – thank you. So wonderful to see you map out this song.

  3. Woodshed June 24th, 2015 9:59 am

    Captain: It’s always a possibility.

    Chris: Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. tbone June 27th, 2015 10:51 am

    Yay! Thanks, Al!

  5. tbone June 27th, 2015 10:52 am

    (I thought it was more of a nudge than a chide.)

  6. Amanda Kruel June 27th, 2015 11:30 pm


    I’d love to see more Elliott Smith songs.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Woodshed June 28th, 2015 5:27 pm

    tbone: Thanks for suggesting it! Don’t worry, I was more chiding myself for not doing it earlier.

    Amanda: You’re very welcome!

  8. Milly T July 15th, 2015 11:59 pm

    A lovely tab for a lovely song – thanks a lot for this one!

    As others have said, more Elliot Smith would be fantastic. I think ‘Angeles’ would be particularly nice to play on uke.

  9. Woodshed July 16th, 2015 1:23 pm

    Milly: Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind.

  10. Maya Celeste July 17th, 2015 7:45 pm

    Perfect! Next how about Angeles or Between the Bars? Thanks for these chords

  11. Woodshed July 19th, 2015 10:08 pm

    Maya: Since there are plenty of people who want more I’ll definitely give one a try at some point.

  12. Ingrid October 15th, 2015 5:50 pm

    Thank you! I love Elliot Smith. I look forward to being able to play this one and play the next ones you’ll offer us. By the way, I bought your book for dummies and I enjoy it, it’s a great help!

  13. Woodshed October 16th, 2015 10:25 am

    Ingrid: Thanks! I’m really glad you like it.

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