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Fidel and Sarah Anne, Stables: UkeTube

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Kala had $20.2 million of sales last year. If you’re a fan of Keston Cobblers Club check out the new project from, Cobbler uker, Matthew Lowe Stables. Their uke-heavy debut album is out in July but you can stream it here. How to become a professional ukulele player. 1920s Gretsch-made Tenor Banjo/Baritone Banjo Ukulele. The […]

UK Punk Riffs (Tab)

Carrying on with this week’s posts inspired by the UOGB’s all-punk album (Ever Such) Pretty Girls with some riffs and licks from UK punk and post-punk bands. Some on their album and some not. The Stranglers – Peaches A video posted by @ukulelehunt on Mar 9, 2016 at 12:05pm PST Buy it on iTunes Ian […]

Spider Capo Mini Review

I’m a sucker for a new gadget. The more useless and ridiculous the better (e.g. I’ve spent the last year trying to not buy an Apple Watch). So I couldn’t resist picking up the most ridiculous bit of ukulele kit: a spider capo. What the Hell is a Spider Capo? A standard capo frets all […]

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go (Chords)

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go (Chords) Quick word of advice: If you’re in a situation where staying is trouble, bad as that may be, if leaving is double the amount of trouble then it’s clearly better to stay. No need for a song and dance about it. I’ve been enjoying […]

Scampi, Vanessa Ding: UkeTube

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Ukuleles – Following on from last time’s firewood ukulele a ukulele made out of wood reclaimed from a barn. – Better call Saul about this Lichty cocobolo baritone. – The earliest electric ukulele I know of the Gibson ETU3 (1949). They didn’t quite have the aesthetics down. – Shimo Ukulele Mania. – Swiss cheese Cheezy […]

Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain (Tab)

Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain (Tab) I did a tab for the intro of King of Spain a few years ago. But I love that song and had to extend it out into a full instrumental version of the song. The song can be played with mostly strums and barrels along at […]

Uke Hunt is Nine: Review of the Year

It’s Uke Hunt’s ninth birthday tomorrow. According to WebMD 9 year olds, “recognize basic social norms and appropriate behavior”. So this might be your last chance to read puerile, offensive posts like these (although I wouldn’t bet on it): May 2015 – Easy alternatives to chnking. In tabs: Celebrating Eurovision with France Gall’s Poupee de […]

PWR BTTM – I Wanna Boi (Chords)

PWR BTTM – I Wanna Boi (Chords) It’s so good to have a rock band around that are fun and look like they’re having a good time. The chords for this one are dead simple. The only slightly tricky bit is the chromatic move down from C to A (which is going to remind of […]