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Tana, Gerald Ross: UkeTube

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Brexit Sale: Friday Links

The British people, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to tank the value of the pound. If I understand economics (protip: I don’t) that means a dollar gets me more of my low-energy currency. So I’ve set up a discount. You can get 15% off any of my How to Play Ukulele ebooks until 10th […]

Trumpton Theme (Tab)

Freddie Phillips – Trumpton Theme (Tab) Like most Brits my age, Radiohead’s Burn the Witch gave me warm nostalgia for Trumpton and Camberwick Green. Although the Trumpton people are pissed off that it, “tarnished the brand”. The Trumpton theme is ripe for a ukeing. The tune has an acoustic guitar backing with a high melody. […]

Best Videos of 2016 So Far

Full Playlist It’s about halfway through 2016 and it’s already shaping up to be another great year of ukulele music. It was tough to narrow it down to a reasonable length but I’ve deliberated, cogitated and digested and come up with a list I hope represents a good overview of the ukulele scene in 2016. […]

Folk Uke – Motherfucker Got Fucked Up (Chords)

Folk Uke – Motherfucker Got Fucked Up (Chords) I’m so excited that Orange is the New Black is back. As well as being fantastic, there’s often some ukulele tucked in there. There was Miss E’s Hummingbird in season three and O’Neill’s anti-nun banjolele song in season two. Season four features this ditty from superstar-progeny duo […]

Honoka & Azita, Jeff Linskey: UkeToob

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One Handed Ukulele: Friday Links

Building – The Strum Buddy is designed to help ukulelists who only have use of one hand. It allows you to tap you foot to create the strums. You can read about a student who is using it to play in his school’s uke group. And learn how to make your own. – Instructables tells […]

Scott Joplin – Cleopha (Tab)

David Beckingham – Cleopha (Tab) After a bit of a break, David Beckingham is back with one of his excellent tabs. This time it’s a classic ragtime tune from the master Scott Joplin. Links David Beckingham on YouTube More David Beckingham tabs

Top Eight Chord Progressions of All Time

I’ve covered a lot of incredible chord progressions over the years. And I wanted to pick through them to find the tricks they used. And how those tricks added to the story the song was telling. Let me know your favourite progressions in the comments. 8. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black The Chords Full […]

Prince – Purple Rain (Chords)

Prince – Purple Rain (Chords) A few weeks ago I wrote about Prince’s favourite chord trick and it lead to an inevitable cavalcade of requests for Purple Rain. And why not? It has to be one of the best chord progressions ever written. Suggested Strumming Here’s the slightly sparse strumming pattern I like to play: […]