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UkeTube: Gigambitus, Bryan Tolentino

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Friday Links: Banjoleles, Surf and Depression

Ukes – New Zealand maker Duke have launched a Kickstarter for their tenor DUKE10 acoustic/electric banjolele – A collection of plastic ukes via Antebellum Instruments with the classic Emenee Flamingo and Mastro TV Pal. Plus the not so classic Mattel Strum Fun Getar. – Custom KoAloha Red Label. – Kula “Fisherman” tenor. – Hive’s redwood […]

The Smiths: 7 Second Ukulele Lessons

Some more Smiths for you to have a go at. Including one of the best and finger-twistingest intros of all time. This Charming Man A post shared by @ukulelehunt on Apr 23, 2017 at 11:55am PDT On iTunes Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now On iTunes What Difference Does it Make? A post shared by @ukulelehunt […]

Name That Riff Quiz

I like to do little quizzes every now and then. This one tests both your knowledge of riffs, intros and guitar licks and my ability to play something recognisably. So if you do rubbish you can blame me. If riffs aren’t your bag, there are lots of different styles of quiz here. And if you […]

The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again (Chords)

The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again (Chords) I love writing up Smiths songs. They’re full of interesting chords and challenging lead parts to tackle. So this week I’m taking on Bigmouth today and five of my favourite Smiths lead lines on Thursday. Before you start: slap a capo on at the fourth fret. For the […]

UkeTube: Amanda Shires, Jeremy Messersmith, Susmita Das

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Friday Links: Art on a Postcard, Irish Tunes

Jonathan Lewis launched his excellent and challenging ebook Irish Tunes for Campanella Ukulele a couple of years ago with a guest post about campanella ukulele. It was well worth a buy then and he’s been adding to it since and he’s just updated to the final version which includes 40 tunes (16 jigs, 11 reels, […]

alt-J – Interlude I (Ripe and Ruin) (Tab)

alt-J – Ripe & Ruin (Tab) alt-J’s new track 3WW has me very excited for the new album. In preparation I thought I’d have a go at Ripe & Ruin from their debut album. Ripe & Ruin is an acappella duet (the good kind of acappella where everyone sings words and no one is doing […]

Guitar Pro 7 First Impression Review

Guitar Pro has been my tabbing software of choice since the start of Uke Hunt almost ten years ago. I’ve used it to make hundreds of tabs. So I was giddy with excitement with last week’s release of Guitar Pro 7 (I’m a Guitar Pro affiliate in case that changes your opinion on my review). […]

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Chords)

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Chords) This is the last Life is Strange song I’m doing. Promise. And it’s going to be a whole two days before I even post another song by a band on the soundtrack. Spanish Sahara is a great song for a mixed ability group of ukers. The chords and strumming are […]

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