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Capo 3 Mac App Review

Learning songs by ear and tabbing them out is hard work. You’d think after all these years I’d have got good at it. But it’s still a real grind. So I need all the help I can get. One tool I reach for is Capo 3 from SuperMegaUltraGroovy. I’ve used Capo since version 2 and […]

Six Songs from The Simpsons (Tab)

It’s been more than a decade since I tabbed The Simpsons theme tune and it’s long overdue for a follow-up. To make up for it here’s a collection of short tunes all from the golden age of The Simpsons. Baby on Board Baby on Board (Tab) With the song being four part harmony it makes […]

UkeTube: Lucy Wise, Ron Artis

Full Playlist Tracklist Lucy Wise – Solid Ground Ron Artis – Don’t Give Up The Ouse Valley Singles Club – Funky Skiffle EatMyUke – Hippo Campus Bashful Creatures Medley Jim Boggia – Born in the USA The Hedge Inspectors – Leave Me Alone Jósean Log – La Vida La Vida J. Walter Hawkes – Old […]

Friday Links: eBay Shenanigans

Something very suspicious is going on with the eBay seller jp-cultures. They have a large range of very impressive ukuleles for sale. But some of their listings seem to be identical to listings by other sellers. They only have 17 feedback (despite having nearly 6000 instruments for sale) but their positive feedback seems to be […]

Adele/Bob Dylan – Make You Feel My Love (Tab)

Make You Feel My Love (Tab) Rounding off Valentine’s week with one of the few lovey-dovey songs I actually like. Make You Feel My Love first cropped up on Bob Dylan’s Out of Time (a record that was seen as Dylan’s “I’m nearly dead” album when it came out twenty years ago). But it became […]

Anti-Valentine Tabs and Chords

Happy St Skeletor’s Day to all the cynics and the heartbroken. Here’s a selection of songs of loneliness, loss and despair to keep you company through the long, empty nights. If you’re not one of those people you can enjoy the (much shorter) list of Valentine’s tabs and chords. Anti-Valentine Chords Ryan Adams – To […]

Valentine’s Day Tabs and Chords

Happy St Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds. Here’s a selection of tabs and chords of love songs I’ve done over the years which you can croon to your boo while everyone around you vomits from the gooiness of it all. If you’re not one of those people you can console yourself with the (much […]

The Cure – Lovecats (Chords and Tab)

The Cure – Lovecats (Chords) The original plan was to post a love song ahead of Valentine’s Day. But it turns out every love song ever written is a steaming pile of garbage. So instead I went with a great song that happens to have love in the title. There’s a surprising amount going on […]

UkeTube: Camila Cabello, The Helmsmen

Full Playlist Tracklist Camila Cabello, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots – Havana Honoka & Azita – Bodysurfing The Helmsmen – Alright Jim Boggia – 10th Ave Freezeout Elvy Yost – After You’ve Gone Alina Gingertail – The Parting Glass Jonathan Lewis – Walk into da Parlour Victoria Vox – Same Dirt dodie – bitter content […]

Friday Links: Mike Lynch

Ukulele Mike, the original YouTube ukulele teacher, has sadly died at the age of 72. The Edmonds Beacon has an excellent obituary for him. Including the fact that he worked with Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack to the Robin Williams movie Toys. Another sad death was that of Thomas Boardman. You may not recognise his […]

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