Father John Misty – Mr Tillman (Chords)

Father John Misty – Mr Tillman (Chords)

The new Father John Misty record is out next week. And the lead single, Mr Tillman, suggests it’s going to be a good one. He does that skeezy lounge singer schtick with much more wit and tunefulness than the Arctic Monkeys managed on their latest album.

Firstly, the arrangement uses a capo on the third fret. If you want to play without a capo here’s a version of the chords without the capo.

The song’s chord progression has an off-kilter feel to match the lyrics. That’s created by switching between major and minor sounds. The most obvious is the use of both G and G minor. The other is the D major chord that starts the progression being mismatched with the F that follows it (a D major chord includes an F# note while D minor includes an F).

Suggested Strumming

Dead easy for the strumming. You can just do this for each chord the whole way through:

d – d u

Which sounds like this:


Twiddly Bits

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Here’s a little arrangement of the whistling solo and the “Ah”s in the intro.


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