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UkeTube: Filipino Ukers, dodie

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Jegs Benedict – The Point of No Return BennyBunnyBand – Pam ToGetHer Eduardo Enaje – Balatkayo dodie – Guiltless Iris Wagner – Lean In Professor Ogma – Thunderer Yohanna Liang – layang layang

Sinead O’Connor/Prince – Nothing Compares 2 U (Tab)

Prince – Nothing Compares 2 U (Tab) The last few tabs have been at the trickier end of the scale. So for this one I’ve gone super-simple. The melody for this song is so great it benefits from having very minimal backing. The whole arrangement is played with just the thumb on the picking hand. […]

My Favourite Ukulele Videos of 2019 So Far

Watch on YouTube We’re about at the halfway point of the year and it’s time to round up some of the great ukulele videos so you don’t miss anything. If there’s something great I’ve missed, I’d love to hear it. You can send me a message or tweet me @UkeHunt. Tracklist Arko Mukhaerjee and Hari […]

Dr John – Such a Night (Chords and Tab)

Dr John – Such a Night (Chords) Even by the standards of 1968, Dr John’s debut album Gris Gris is a trip into the strange and unnerving. With I Walk on Guilded Splinters being a masterpiece. But I’ve gone with something more uke-suitable to celebrate his life: Such a Night (not to be confused – […]

UkeTube: La Familia de Ukeleles, Machine Gun Kelly

Watch on YouTube Tracklist La Familia de Ukeleles – The Ghost of C.C. Eliel Carvalho – Trocando em Miu?dos Chico Buarque Natasha Ghosh – Boy With Luv Luna Silva & The Wonders – Rain Via @ukeist Machine Gun Kelly x Einer Bankz – El Diablo Maiah Wynne and Dreadlight – My Strange Addiction Laura Currie […]

Friday Links: Emotions, Almost Love Songs and Vehicular Destruction

New instructional DVD from Jim D’Ville The Emotional Value of Chords The Hippie Ukulelist has developed an Essential Tremor in both hands and is looking for advice from anyone who has experience similar problems playing with shaky hands. A collection of Craig Robertson’s Not Quite Love Songs. Window Shopping – KLOS Guitars test if their […]

Smash Mouth – All Star (Tab)

Smash Mouth – All Star (Tab) When I did the meme music post I asked on Instragram if people wanted a full version. Turns out they did and here it is. The arrangement is shortened by a verse and a chorus (you can just repeat the previous verse and chorus if you want those). I […]

Choan Gálvez – Medium Rare, Please (Study No. 33) (Tab)

Choan Gálvez – Medium Rare, Please (Tab) Today’s post is a guest post from Choan Galvez taken from his 50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele. It’s turning out to be an excellent series of tunes. You can check them all out on his YouTube channel. Here are Choan’s performance notes. These are the tabs for Study […]

The Who Won’t Get Fooled Again (Chords and Tab)

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Chords) (Classroom Instruments Version I’ve considering writing up this one in the past but have shied away from it because of all the lengthy, meandering sections. But the recent “classroom instruments” version they did with The Roots on Fallon strips the song down to the bare essentials and […]