The Who Won’t Get Fooled Again (Chords and Tab)

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Chords) (Classroom Instruments Version

I’ve considering writing up this one in the past but have shied away from it because of all the lengthy, meandering sections. But the recent “classroom instruments” version they did with The Roots on Fallon strips the song down to the bare essentials and works really well for ukulele. Although I wish my classroom would have had that sweet Kamaka Captain Kirk is playing.

I’ve written up the chords with a capo on the second fret to make things easy to play. Judging by the chord shapes he’s using, it looks like Townshend is in baritone tuning. But I can only hear Captain Kirk’s uke in the recording.

Suggested Strumming

Intro: You can use one strum per chord. Or use the main strum from the verse for the G-F-C move.

Verse: Start off with this on the G:

d – d – d u d u

Then a chnk and an up strum on F. Followed by a chnk u d – d u on the C.

x u x u d – d u

Then the same strums respectively for the D-Bb-F progression.

Together it goes like this:

Verse strum

Chorus: d – d u on each of the C and Gs. This once each for the F-D:

d – d – d u d u

Followed by one down-strum on each of the C and Csus4 chords. Then returning to the verse strum at the end.

Bridge: This twice for every chord before returning to the verse strum for the A-G-D progression:

d – d – d u d u

Outro: Mix up the verse strum with some giant windmill strums.

Twiddly Bits

The intro from the classroom version is very simplified from the original (which meanders all over the place). I’m picking this one thumb and two finger style.

This lick crops up in the original version over the D-F section of the chorus. It doesn’t crop up in the classroom version but I thought it was too good to ignore it. So I gave it a quick ukeifying.


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