Twenty One Pilots – Cut My Lip (Location Session)(Chords and Tab)

Twenty One Pilots – Cut My Lip (Chords)

Cut My Lip first turned up on album Trench where it glided past me without much of a diversion. But Twenty One Pilots recently put out a heavily reworked version for their upcoming Location Session record (under the title Cut My Lip (40.6782°N, 73.9442° W)) and I was knocked out by it. So it’s that version I’ve written up (although both have the same chord progression).

I arranged this with a capo on the second fret to keep things easy. If you want to play without a capo Em – D – A transposes to F#m – E – B.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

For the strum, I take inspiration from Twenty One Pilot’s uke songs and do a ska-flavoured strum. I play a constant down-up but muting some of the strums (represented by the X) to create this pattern:

X X d u X X d X

Which sounds like this:


I go into more depth on ska and reggae strums in my ukulele strums ebook.

Twiddly Bits

Here’s a version of the riff that starts in the second half of the intro and crops up throughout the song.

It’s played without a capo.


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