The Band – The Weight (Chords and Tab)

The Band – The Weight (Chords)

I was inspired to write this one up by Playing for Change’s version featuring a vast array of musicians including Ringo, Robbie Robertson and a bit of uke from Taimane. The video shows off what a great ensemble piece this can be. Making it seem like a good idea for ukulele groups to me. Plus the chords are straightforward and there’s plenty of solo opportunities for the flash Harrys.

I’ve written up two versions of the chords. Up top are the chords in G with a capo on the second fret. And below are the chords in F with the capo on the fourth fret. The version in F might be a little easier. If you’re playing the version in G, I recommend barreing the C, E and A-strings at the second fret on the G chord. That makes for a much easier transition to Bm. You could even use the standard G at the end of the bar (to make an easy transition from C) and switch to the barred version at the start of the next line.

The Weight (Chords in F)

Suggested Strumming Pattern

For a simple main strum you can use this:

d – d – d u d u

Intro: If you’re not playing the intro lick (below) you can play the main strum twice per chord.

Verses: One main strum per chord.

Chorus: On G-Bm play d – d u. Then the main strum on C. On the last line, do one, long down-strum on the first C then d – d u on each of the next four chords and three down-strums on the last C.

Twiddly Bits

I love this little intro. I’ve had to move it up an octave to fit it on the uke. Which means you have to go up to the 14th fret.


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