The Chordettes – Mr Sandman (Tabs)

The Chordettes – Mr Sandman (Tab)

The release of the new Sandman TV show seems like a good excuse to finally get around to tabbing this classic. My arrangement is heavily based on the Chordettes version. Although not the original version, it’s by far the best known.

Intro 1: I couldn’t resist rearranging Metallica’s Enter Sandman as an intro. Feel free to come up with an intro of your own or skip it all together.

Intro 2: You can’t skip this one! It sounds fantastic and fits on the ukulele very nicely.

Verse 1: Lots of tasty chords going on. And I’ve tried to incorporate some of the bass runs.

Verse 2: I’ve added some extra elements here. There are some changes to the melody and plenty of twiddles. I made al the twiddles have are descending to give it a feel of gently falling asleep. Plenty of room for your own ideas here. The verse starts with a few “dings and pings”. These are natural harmonics.


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