Matt Berry – Toast of London Theme (Tab)

Matt Berry – Toast of London Theme (Tab)

Matt Berry is best known for his roles in The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace plus my favourite sketch of all time: Snuff Box‘s guitar instruction DVD. But he’s also a prolific musician releasing seven studio albums including an entire album of TV theme covers.

The theme tune to Toast of London is a shortened version of his 2011 tune Take My Hand.


Take My Hand on Amazon
Toast of London on Netflix
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Memphis Kansas Breeze – Human Skin Truck Baby (Chords and Tab)

Memphis Kansas Breeze – Human Skin Truck Baby (Chords)

This song comes from episode 616 of Comedy Bang Bang. It’s the culmination of a trio of country parody songs from Brantley Aldean and Harland Haywood (a.k.a. Drew Tarver and Carl Tart) and it had me crying with laughter.

Here’s a uke version of the intro (which shares a few ideas with yesterday’s post: The Weight)


Comedy Bang Bang on Earwolf

Hitman 2 – Santa Fortuna Town Theme (Tab)

Niels Bye Nielsen – Santa Fortuna Town Theme (Tab)

I’ve raved about Hitman before on here. But I haven’t given enough praise for how much the music adds to the experience. The music works to subtly differentiate different areas of the maps and set the mood for each one.

This excellent little guitar piece is used to evoke a small Columbian fishing village which is relaxed on the surface but houses a huge drug operation. Similarly, the tune is relaxed and easy-going with a few little hints of darkness peaking through.

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The Band – The Weight (Chords and Tab)

The Band – The Weight (Chords)

I was inspired to write this one up by Playing for Change’s version featuring a vast array of musicians including Ringo, Robbie Robertson and a bit of uke from Taimane. The video shows off what a great ensemble piece this can be. Making it seem like a good idea for ukulele groups to me. Plus the chords are straightforward and there’s plenty of solo opportunities for the flash Harrys.

I’ve written up two versions of the chords. Up top are the chords in G with a capo on the second fret. And below are the chords in F with the capo on the fourth fret. The version in F might be a little easier. If you’re playing the version in G, I recommend barreing the C, E and A-strings at the second fret on the G chord. That makes for a much easier transition to Bm. You could even use the standard G at the end of the bar (to make an easy transition from C) and switch to the barred version at the start of the next line.

The Weight (Chords in F)

Suggested Strumming Pattern

For a simple main strum you can use this:

d – d – d u d u

Intro: If you’re not playing the intro lick (below) you can play the main strum twice per chord.

Verses: One main strum per chord.

Chorus: On G-Bm play d – d u. Then the main strum on C. On the last line, do one, long down-strum on the first C then d – d u on each of the next four chords and three down-strums on the last C.

Twiddly Bits

I love this little intro. I’ve had to move it up an octave to fit it on the uke. Which means you have to go up to the 14th fret.


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UkeTube: Raelyn Nelson, Sho Humphries, Kyle Carey

Watch on YouTube

Raelyn Nelson Band – Weed and Whiskey (Song starts at 45 seconds)
Sho Humphries – MEGALOVANIA
Kyle Carey – Devil at Your Back Via @ukeist
Le Temps d'une Etincelle – Rentrez dans la danse
uke mullum – Rumble
Karlie G – Doin’ Time
Choan Gálvez – Study No. 49 – Tío Vazilo
Herman Vandecauter – Menuet III, Gigue Cello suite J.S.Bach
Kuinka – Homesick

Friday Links: Worst Piece About Ukuleles in History

I’ve read some absolute drivel about ukuleles over the years. But there’s a new worst: Rolling Stone wrote an article about “best ukuleles” that “pros use” that’s so bad I’m not willing to link directly to it.

New Releases
Craig Robertson’s Truth is a Runaway Horse.
Big Werl’s Licensed to Swill. You can listen to it on Soundcloud.
– More flawless classical ukulele from Herman Vandecauter with four new tunes on his Bandcamp.

Window Shopping
Limited edition Kiwaya 1978 concert.
Lichty Walnut Archtop Ukulele U142.
Pelem coconut uke.
8-string Ortega Eclipse.

Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You (Tab)

Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You in the End (Tab)

Hi, How are you?

Yesterday brought the very sad news of the death of lo-fi legend Daniel Johnston. Johnston was the darling of indie musicians in the 90s. True Love Will Find You in the End alone has been covered by Beck, Flaming Lips, Wilco, Spiritualized, Kula Shaker and Jeff Mangum. And now I’ve had a go at it.

I’ve kept my version very simple. I’m only using the top three strings picked thumb and two finger style. The most important thing is to give the melody notes a little extra umph so they stand out against the backing notes.


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Living Life Chords

7 Second Ukulele Lessons: Pop

Gather around, kids, and let grandpa teach you how to play a few songs from the hit parade.

If you like these short tabs, you can find lots more on my Instagram.

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

On low-G ukulele.

The original

Lizzo – Juice

The original

Lana Del Rey – Mariners Apartment Complex

The original

Ariana Grande – One Last Time

The original

Rosalía, Ozuna – Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi

The original

AJR – Burn the House Down

The original

Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance


The original

Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita (Chords and Tab)

Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita (Chords)

Following on from Lewis Capaldi, I wanted to do another recent song with an interesting picking pattern. And Señorita shares elements of that picking pattern but is more challenging and uses some interesting chords.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

If you’d rather strum than pick, you can use this pattern all the way through:

d – d u d u d u

Use that twice per chord until Em7. On Em7, play it once but switch to G on the last up strum. Then continue playing the pattern again on G.

The only exception is at the end of the second verse. On that G you just play two down-strums.

Picking Pattern

Señorita Picking

Like the Lewis Capaldi song, the picking is done with the thumb on the C-string, index finger on the E-string and middle finger on the A-string. The complicating factor is the percussive clicks the pattern contains. I produce these two different ways. The first two in each chord (show with just two xs in the PDF tab) are made by bringing my thumb down on the g- and C-strings so hit the fretboard and make a light click. The final one (shown by four xs) is a traditional chnk where I strum the strings but deaden them with the underside of my picking hand.

Twiddly Bits

Señorita Lead Intro

Here’s a version of the solo that plays in the intro and outro. For this, I’m using a lot of palm muting i.e. resting the underside of my picking hand on the strings as I pick them. Light enough that the notes still sound but heavy enough that they don’t ring out.


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UkeTube: Taimane, James Hill

Watch on YouTube


Taimane – Ladybird
James Hill – Viva La Vida
Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Don't Let Us Get Sick
Tobias Elof – Lazy Sunday
Madeline Tasquin – Daffodils
Randy Gapasin – Talk
Those Folk – One Thousand Homes
Polkadot + Moonbeam – When You Wish Upon A Star

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