Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight (Tab)

Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight (Tab)

When Toploader’s cover of Dancing in the Moonlight (originally by King Harvest) turned out to be the most liked request on Patreon this month, I was unsure about taking it on. It was played to death when it came out and I inevitably ended up loathing up. But I had a lot of fun playing it. And it’s as much of an ear-worm as it ever was.

My version is heavily based on Toploader’s. But it does take a few elements from the King Harvest version in the solo. And it steers very clear of Liza Minelli’s nutso take.


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Star Wars – Rey’s Theme (Tab)

John Williams – Rey’s Theme (Tab)

John Williams proved he’s still got it with this theme. His best since Harry Potter, in my estimation. Give Sideways’ video a watch for an overview of why.

The theme has three sections. I play the first theme in two different ways. A single-note version in the intro (picked with thumb and two fingers) and a beefed-up version starting in bar 11 (picked one finger per string). This is my favourite section to play. Like the Imperial March, the rhythm alone is powerful and immediately Star Wars-y. And varying the dynamics is very effective.

The second part starts in bar 7 is slower and more stately. It’s also the easiest section to play.

The third part (starting in bar 15) is the most melodic. In the original version, the first theme pops up in the background orchestration. I’ve included this in bar 18. It’s a little tricky to play. If you want to skip it, you can just pluck a few notes from the C5 chord in that bar.


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Vampire Weekend – 2021 (Tab)

Vampire Weekend – 2021 (Tab)

A very obvious choice for the first tab of 2021.

It’s a short and sweet tune from Vampire Weekend’s latest album with a lovely melody and a laid-back solo. The biggest challenge is some rapid melody notes. I’ve dropped a few notes to make it easier to play.


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New to Ukulele? Read This!

When I got my first ukulele, I was completely clueless. This was in those dark, long forgotten days before the internet had been discovered. I didn’t even realise that the strings weren’t supposed to go thickest to thinnest and restrung it.

But you can save yourself from the social disgrace I experienced. I’ve put together a free mini-ebook covering the basics that every first time uke owner needs to know. Here’s what it contains:

Five Things to Know
Five Chords to Learn
Five Patterns to Strum
Five Songs to Play
Five Websites to Visit
Five Things to Get Free
Five Things to Buy
Five Videos to Watch
Five YouTube Channels to Subscribe to

You can download it free by clicking here:

So You Just Got Your First Ukulele (PDF)

And get playing by following the beginner ukulele lessons.

If you’re not new to ukulele but know someone who is feel free to pass it along. It has a Creative Commons license so distribute it as you wish.

Merry Christmas See You in 2021

Merry Christmas, Chanukah Sameach, Io Saturnalia, Feliz Natal and Happy Holidays! (If you can be arsed with it this year.)

That’s it from me for this year (other than the ebook for new ukers). I’ll be back at the end of January 2021 (year of the Daug7 chord, nice).

If you’re after some Christmas music and you’re as Spotify user here’s my Christmas Ukulele playlist. Or, if you’re sick of Christmas music, my playlist of ukulele selections from 2020.

If you can’t stand to be without a steady stream of uke, I’ll be posting on Instagram, on Twitter and Patreon. Speaking of which…


I’ve been blown away by the amount of support I’ve received since starting the Uke Hunt Patreon in February. The amount of support has far exceeded my expectations and I’m overwhelmingly grateful to everyone who has supported the site.

All that support means I’ve been able to up the amount of tabs I’m putting out. By my count, I added 59 full tabs to the site this year compared to 34 last year. And that’s not including the monthly Patreon-only tabs.

And extra thanks to December’s Tenor backers:

– Alina Morosanu.
– Arthur Foley.
– Colleen Petticrew.
– Dan.
– Douglas.
– Elizabeth Beardsley.
– Fiona Keane.
– Joseph Freeman.
– Katherine Penney.
– Kie77.
– Leia-lee Doran.
– Lisa Johnson.
– Mr Daniel Barclay.
– Nick Parsons.
– Olga deSanctis.
– Pat Weikle.
– Pauline LeBlanc.
– Sandi Clement.
– Thorsten Neff.
– Trevor Mccravy.

Last month’s Patreon-only tab for concert level backers and up was November Rain by Guns N’ Roses.

Christmas UkeTube 2020

Watch on YouTube

It’s here. With cheer. It’s the same every year. It’s the Christmas UkeTube.

Tripping Lily – Santa Will Find You
The Mad Tea Party – Oh Shit, It’s Christmastime!
Eliel Carvalho – Jingle Bells
The O’Pears – Bleak Midwinter / River
Vinícius Vivas – White Christmas
Memphis Ukulele Band – Holidays Ain’t the Same (Without You)
Allison Young – The Christmas Waltz
Kamakakehau Fernandez – Christmas Luau
Leftover Cuties – Christmas Time Is Here
Ukulele Solos – Fairytale of New York

Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger (Tab)

Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger (Tab)

I was a massive Oasis fan around the time of Definitely Maybe. So it’s a surprise it’s taken me this long to get around to doing one of their songs. Don’t Look Back in Anger took on a new significance after the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 when it was spontaneously sung at the memorial.

The song is standard Oasis fare with heavy references/blatant pilfering from the Beatles in both the lyrics and the music. Plus a bunch of major pentatonic noodling. I skipped the guitar solo (since it’s meandering and not particularly memorable). But I have included the widdles at the end of the pre-chorus and chorus, which add to the song and are fun to play.


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Ukulele Christmas Quiz 2020

Time for the annual Uke Hunt Christmas quiz time-waster. The rules are perennial as the winter and ancient as the bison.

– Grab a pen and paper
– Display knowledge.
– Check the answers here (no peeking).

If you’re reading by email or feed reader you may need to click through to the post to see everything.

Name the Chord

What chord are these? (All the chords are either major, minor or 7. Nothing more complicated than that.)






Name the Brand

Click the photo for a bigger version (it’ll help)


By SpecGroup


By Dennis Amith


By Helene Lindfors


By Eric Golub


By SpecGroup

Name the Cover

Who first released the songs these ukulele orchestras are covering?

11. Horndean Ukulele Group


12. Tenrikyo `Ukulele Orchestra


13. Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain


14. Peninsula Ukulele Group


15. Grand Old Uke of York


Name the Celeb

Which celebrity is displaying their uke?


a) Madonna
b) Kylie
c) Cher
d) Adele


a) Tori Belachi
b) Grant Imahara
c) Jaime Hyneman
d) Adam Savage


a) Matt LeBlanc
b) David Schwimmer
c) Paul Rudd
d) Matthew Perry


a) Dana Carvey
b) Mike Myers
c) Rob Lowe
d) Alec Baldwin


a) Neil Finn and Lorde
b) Sam Neill and Rose Matafeo
c) Bret McKenzie and Kiri Te Kanawa
d) Taika Waititi and Jacinda Ardern

Name the Lyric

Which songs – oft covered on ukulele – are these lyrics from?

21. The bees are buzzin’ in the tree / To make some honey just for me / When you look under the rocks and plants / And take a glance at the fancy ants

22. Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain / We all have sorrow / But if we are wise / We know that there’s always tomorrow

23. Oh, the weather outside is frightful / But the fire is so delightful / And since we’ve no place to go

24. Oh, yeah, I’ll tell you something / I think you’ll understand / When I’ll say that something

25. Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’ / And it sounds just like a song / I want more berries and that summer feelin’ / It’s so wonderful and warm

Check the answers here

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John Denver – Christmas for Cowboys (Tabs)

John Denver – Christmas for Cowboys (Tabs)

Probably my favourite Christmas song without swears in. And a fitting song for a Christmas where so many people are separated from their loved ones.

The first time I heard this song was a ukulele cover by Ballard C Boyd (who is now a director and producer for Colbert).

The arrangement is dead simple so you can focus on playing it with feeling.

Don’t pay any attention to my fingering. I jacked up the tip of my index finger doing the lazy man’s load. So I’m fingering some things in a weird way.


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UkeTube: Le Temps d’une étincelle, Arya Dhayal

Watch on YouTube

Le Temps d’une étincelle – L’ Endroit d’ou? l’on Vient
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Greener
Sage Harrington – What'll I Do
Arya Dhayal – Margazhi poove to Hindolam
Olga Kochetova and Evgen Kurenko – Romance Via @hermanvdc
Victor Kozlovsky – Sweet Dolores
Annier Trio – Coquette
Lil Rev – Old Molly Hare

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