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Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (Chords) I thought I’d celebrate my 200th post by putting up a song that will make you lose any respect you might have had for me. This is my favourite song at the moment (with Sexy! No, No, No a close second), I can’t get enough of it. For those […]

The Tiger Lillies – Start A Fire

The Tiger Lillies – Start A Fire (Chords) It’s the annual Catholic Burning Festival in the UK tomorrow (or Bonfire Night as we’re supposed to call it now- it’s political correctness gone mad)) and Winger wanted songs with ‘fire’ and ‘burn’ in them. The suggestion alone made me scared of what she might do if […]

The Elected – At Home (Time Unknown)

The Elected – At Home (Time Unknown) (Chords) It’s getting difficult to work out exactly what independent bands are independent of. Anyhoo. This is a short little ukulele ditty that cropped up at the end of The Elected’s Sun, Sun, Sun album. The song is only 40 seconds long but it packs plenty of chords […]

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London

Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London (Chords) Dead simple this one. There are only three chords (D, C and G) repeated over and over again. If you want something a bit more challenging, the piano riff fits quite nicely on the uke too. Buy Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase I: UkuLadies

Recently, the Berkeley Ukulele Club message board disappeared and took along with it the excellent list of the best ukulele videos in various categories. The list was compiled by Jeff West of the Berkeley Ukulele Club, the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz and the Deutscher Ukulelenclub. He’s very kindly supplied me with the lists and […]

Cansei De Ser Sexy – Off The Hook

Cansei De Ser Sexy – Off The Hook (Chords) Well done to The Klaxons and their Mercury Prize. I was cheering for Bat For Lashes but they were so happy/high when they win. Bless ’em. I’m apparently trying to start a Uke Rave movement, so here’s a song by Brazilian New Ravers CSS for you. […]

Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls

Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls (chords) If we’d had a summer this year rather than floods and tornadoes, this would have been the hit of the summer. The song samples Stand By Me, so you can learn two chord progressions for the price of one. It also makes it well worth learning to play the […]

Lily Allen – Smile & LDN

SophiSoph – Smile (mp3) via her MySpace Friend of the blog, Brian Osmucon emailed me this morning to let me know about his daughter’s music and blow me down if she isn’t great. As well as having a knockout voice, she’s chosen as excellent song to transfer to the uke in the form of Lily […]

The Decemberists – The Chimbley Sweep

The Decemberists – The Chimbley Sweep (Chords) I can’t get enough of the Decemberists’ approach to lyrics. They are full of strange and threatening characters. It’s a mystery to me why murder ballads are dying out – we’re supposed to be living a culture awash with violence. Chimbley Sweep is a little more light-hearted (but […]

GUGUG – Ruby

GUGUG – Ruby (Chords) Whenever I spot Gus and Fin in my YouTube Subscriptions I get as excited as a sack full of hyperactive puppies. They are certainly the most punk ukulele players around. As well as the fantastic sound they make, the editing of the videos adds another dimension. So much so that it’s […]

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