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UkuLady Chordsies

Warning: Some of these songs contain language and themes not suitable for children. The others contain language and themes not suitable even for drunk Russian sailors. The UkuLady’s hilarious songs are a regular highlight of YouTube’s stream of uke videos but it turns out I was familiar with her work long before YouTube was a […]

Julien Dore – Cet Air-La (Chords)

Lire ceci en francais(Google Translate). Julien Dore – Cet Air-La (Chords) Bonjour et bienvenue a La Chasse a Uke. There has been a big surge in the popularity of the ukulele in France in the last couple of years. The amount of hits this blog gets from France is topped only by the USA (thanks […]

Ukulele Chord Flashcards

While at university – while the sensible people were out drinking, dancing and sharing venereal diseases – I was holed away in my room testing myself on Pareto optimality and trade coefficients with flashcards. It was, therefore, a huge disappointment to the geek in me that there were no flashcards online for learning uke chords. […]

Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running (Chords)

Arcade Fire – Keep the Car Running (Chords) Given Arcade Fire’s penchant for strange instruments such as French horns, the hurdy-gurdy, the sackbut and the Tuvan nose-banjo, it’s a huge oversight of them not to have used a ukulele. Happily for us, their latest single, Keep The Car Running, fits very nicely on the ukulele.

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