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Uke Hunt is 14

Uke Hunt turned 14 in May (I would have mentioned it then but time has become a flat circle and I still think it’s March). According to WebMD a 14 year olds will experience, “mood swings.. and may be embarrassed by you.” Here’s a round-up of my favourite tabs and the goings-on of the last […]

Friday Links: Biden Appointment, Dhani Harrison

Joe Biden has nominated Jake Shimabukuro for the National Council on the Arts. Fender have released a ukulele with Dhani Harrison. On Video – Documentary on the Survivor Girl Ukulele Band. – The George Formby Society celebrate their Diamond Anniversary. – Helen Arney teaches you how to use a toilet. New Releases – The UOGB’s […]

Friday Links: Uke Sales Boom

Demand for ukuleles on Amazon rose more than any other instrument at the start of the pandemic according to Pattern. A new album from Uke Hunt favourite Phredd, Quarantine Tunes, is a collection of performances he’s done for kids’ clubs, libraries and uke festivals over the last year. Another long-time favourite, Howlin’ Hobbit has started […]

Friday Links: Uke Song at No.1, Jake Plays the First Ukulele

Polo G’s RAPSTAR has made it to #1. The first ukulele song to do so since Train’s Hey, Soul Sister (I think). The legendary webshow Midnight Ukulele Disco is being uploaded to YouTube. Including probably the most iconic ukulele video there is. New tab book from Choan Galvez: Waltz in Progress. On Video – Jake […]

Friday Links: Lemon Nash, Eurovision and Ponzi Schemes

New Astraluna EP The Pass Of Storms On Video – 1960 interview with jazz and blues ukulelist Lemon Nash. – Germany’s ukulele-heavy Eurovision entry. Pictures – @ukeist has been posting some great pictures recently including Charles “Ponzi Scheme” Ponzi and Schoonmaker’s Drugstore 1931. – Ukulele Ike with Buster Keaton and Sally Eilers. Window Shopping – […]

Friday Links: Renaissance Tabs, Crystal Cupcakes and The Rock’s Mum

Tab Books – Harry Thomas of Renaissance Ukulele has released an ebook of low-G ukulele arrangements of tunes by, 17th century lute master, John Dowland called Dowlandia which you can download ‘ere. The tunes are excellently arranged and it’s a joy to play. Plus, it benefits Oxfam and the Survivor Girl Ukulele Band. – New […]

One Year of Patreon

I started the Uke Hunt Patreon last February and have been blown away by the amount of support I’ve had. My goal was to get 50 patrons in the first year, so it’s amazing that it’s just past 180 Patreons. I’m massively grateful to all those people and everyone who has been a Patron along […]

Friday Links: Warren Buffett, Adam Savage, Cassette Player Ukulele

– The Black Friday sale on my tab ebooks is running. With up to 70% off until 2nd December. – Tyrone & Lesley are crowdfunding their new record Have No Words. – Lil Rev is doing ukulele Zoom lessons. Next up on Monday is 1950s Chicago blues style playing. – Warren Buffett tells Goldman Sachs, […]

Friday Links: New Music, Cory Wong

Two excellent new instrumental albums: from Finland Markus Rantanen’s debut Ukulele and from Israel, composer and producer, Ziv Grinberg’s Ukulele Fantasies. Vulfpeck‘s Cory Wong chats with Jake Shimabukuro about technique, gear and touring with Bela Fleck. A big step above the standard Shimabukuro interview. (Thanks to Dan for the tip-off.) CPR Classical ask James Hill […]

Friday Links: Joni Mitchell Lost Tapes, President Carter and a Magpie

– Lost tapes of a young Joni Mitchell playing ukulele found. – Eddie Vedder played a song for Jimmy Carter on a ukulele made of wood from Carter’s estate. Close-ups of the uke on luthier Beau Hannam’s Facebook. – Jake Shimabukuro discusses how he’s been handling the hellscape of 2020. – Magpie joins the THUG’s […]

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