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Shelley O’Brien: Monday Exposure

Shelley O’Brien – Generous Waters (MP3) via The Globe and Mail I’ve had, friend of the blog, PaulC nudging me in the direction of Shelley O’Brien for some time now. And I’m very glad he did. She has a silky, jazz-inflected voice and has a way with a tune. She’s recently released an album You, […]

Killian Mansfield – Somewhere Else

Yes, I’m supposed to be on holiday. But I took some time out from the Pig-in-a-Poke intinerary of slapping Germans, flirting with French girls and performing 80s dress-up montages to pass on some important news. And the news involes Dr John (I don’t just throw these things together). Killian Mansfield has just released his album […]

Kym Campbell: Monday Exposure

Kym Campbell – Back to You (MP3) via Kym Campbell – Rolls That Way (MP3) via Triple J Australia has become a bit of a hub with folky singer-songwriters such as Angus and Julia Stone, The Waifs and Missy Higgins. And Kym Campbell very much fits in with that sound. Which is perhaps why […]

Cat Green Bike: Monday Exposure

Cat Green Bike – Palm Tight Pass (MP3) Cat Green Bike – Pretty Little Lob (MP3) via Foetal Orange I’m very taken with Cat Green Bike’s latest EP Breakbeat/Thrash/Concrete. Don’t let the title fool you, there’s very few breakbeats, very little thrash, and it’s a whole lot more beautiful than concrete. You can get the […]

Casey James and the Staypuft Kid: Monday Exposure

Casey James and the Staypuft Kid – Song Birds and Ghetto Blasters (MP3) Casey James and the Staypuft Kid – Up In The Air (MP3) via I’ve had Casey James’s Song Birds and Ghetto Blasters on pretty much constant repeat the last few days. And have spent much of that time dancing like a […]

Bob Brozman Interview

Bob Brozman is a huge musical hero of mine. So when I noticed he was promoting his ukulele workshops in California, I leapt at the chance to throw a few questions his way. Ukulele Spaghetti was the tune that made me realise what the ukulele was capable of. When did you first become aware of […]

Eleanor McGee Interview

Last but not least is the band’s singer/songwriter/uker/costumier Eleanor. What made you first buy a uke? I was at a Herman Dune gig at quite a big venue in Brighton and halfway through their set they put down the electric guitars and bass and stepped away from the microphones, I think the drummer probably went […]

The Bobby McGee’s Week – Interview

This week sees the long await release of The Bobby McGee’s debut album L’Appropriation Bourgoisie de la Bobby McGee’s. And what better way to celebrate than with a week packed with McGee-goodness. Starting with a interview with Jimmy. The Bobby McGee’s have been together for about 7 years. How come you’ve only just got round […]

John King – Larry O’Gaff (Tab)

John King – Larry O’Gaff (Tab) I’ve spent hours and hours examining John King’s arrangements (particularly his Classical Ukulele book) and working out he decided to play things a certain way. I’ll always regret not emailing him and asking him a for an interview (although I’ve recently discovered that emailing your heroes can be a […]

Peggy Sue Interview

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Peggy Sue (formerly Peggy Sue and the Pirates). Their song Lover Gone is currently my favourite ukulele song of the year and it’ll take some beating. So I was very excited when Katy Klaw agreed to answer a few questions. You’ve only […]

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