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iPad App FAQs

The Uke Hunt iPad app launched on Monday. And it’s been doing well. Over 500 downloads by the end of Wednesday. I’ve been getting plenty of feedback on it (a big thanks to all those people). Here are the main questions I’ve been getting. I’ll keep this updated with any other FAQs I get. There’s […]

2013 Ukulele Quiz

Time for the annual Uke Hunt Christmas time-waster. – Grab a pen and paper – Display knowledge. – Check the answers here (no peeking). – Return in triumph or despair and share you score in the comments. Name That Chord What chord are these on a standard gCEA tuned ukulele? (E.g. C, Em, G7 – […]

Friday Links

T-shirt update: You only have a few days left if you want to buy a Uke Hunt t-shirt. The standard black t-shirt has sold over 100 so that will definitely be made. As will the women’s black t-shirt which has just past its goal. Unfortunately the white t-shirts weren’t popular enough so those won’t be […]

Summer Holiday

Time for a blog break. I’m off to aestivate for a few weeks. If you want to keep up with me I’ll still be posting on UkeToob, Tumblr and Twitter. Have a good one!

Where Are They Now? Video of the Year Winners

Every time the subject of the ukulele video of the year comes up, regular commentor, Ron Hale enquires as to the status of previous winners. So for him here’s a rundown of what happened to the ukulelists after the career peak of winning the award. 2007 Winner: Molly Lewis (Sweetafton23) – Tom Cruise Crazy Back […]

Merry Christmas, See You in Hell

That’s it from me this year (except the usual one for the Christmas uke-getters). I’ll be back late-January. Until then, happy holidays (if you’re into that kind of thing) however you choose to spend it. I’ll be eating, drinking, gambling and letting my servants wear my clothes in celebration of Saturnalia. If you can’t bear […]

Ukulele Mythbusting

I might not have thirty years of special effects experience, but I still want to tackle a few myths and misconceptions I see crop up now and again. If you’ve got any you want to tackle, leave them in the comments. There’s only one way to play each chord The chords you see in chord […]

Riffs for Ukulele – Updated

As promised in the Hip Hop Riffs for Ukulele post, here’s an updated list of the riff posts on the blog. The idea with these riffs isn’t to play the whole song or that the suit the ukulele particularly well. It’s to throw them in to your playing for a bit of light relief and […]

Back on 18th May

I’m taking a break and I’ll be back on the 18th May. An actual ‘venturing out of Woodshed Towers and going somewhere’ type of break for once. Although I will be spending most of the time lounging around watching snooker. See you then.

Ukulele Festivals 2012

UPDATE: Ukulele Festivals 2013 Here’s a preliminary list of the ukulele festivals scheduled for 2012. If you have details on any others leave a comment or send me a message. USA and Canada The Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2012 Location: Vancouver, Canada Date: February 25th & 26th 2012 Performers: Ralph Shaw, The Ukesters, Guido & Daphne. […]

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