eBay Ukulele Window Shopping

Swagerty surf ukulele TreholipeeNina Coquina dishes out some sound advice on buying ukuleles on eBay that’s well worth a read. It amazes me what some people think they can get away with. Like this guy trying to sell a “Vintage Martin ukulele” for $1,500 on the basis of one line and three dark photos. He should look at the photos for this Gibson ukulele and this Martin (both attracting plenty of bidders).

Curio of the week has to be this Swagerty Singing Treholipee as played by GUGUG. The brochure alone went for $45 so there’s obviously a big demand for it.

owen holt bass ukulelepobNo surprises that the Black Bear Cigar Box ukulele is a cut above the standard cigar box uke.

The Ashbory Bass is a strange beast. It’s a bass guitar the size of a baritone uke. It sounds good next to a ukulele as well.

One day I’m going to get myself a National Reso-phonic ukulele.

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