Beirut – St Apollonia

Beirut – St Apollonia (Chords)

It probably won’t come as a huge shock to you that I enjoyed Beirut’s Flying Club Cup. Ukuleles, brass bands, pretentiousness; what’s not to love? Better still, it came with a website full of videos of the band performing tracks in various rundown areas.

There are a couple of uke-heavy tracks on the album: The Penalty (you can find the chords for The Penalty here) and St Apollonia.

St Apollonia is structured in quite a strange way. The song starts out with a C major chord, then shifts to C minor for the first and only verse. For the instrumental section, the chords over the verse are shuffled about.

During the song, there are some rapid strums. Because they’re using those horrible rhino’s toenails, they have no option but to strum really fast. If you use your fingers, it’s easier to get this effect using a roll – rasgueado if you want to get Spanish about it. These are produced by flicking downwards with each finger individually. You can watch a good explanation of the rasgueadoes technique for guitar here.

You can find more Beirut chords here.

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