Beirut – Port of Call (Chords)

Beirut – Port of Call (Chords)

I’m working my way through this album from the outside in. I did the opening track here and here’s the album’s closer.

This song has many of the features you’d expect of a Beirut ukulele song: it’s in waltz time, there’s a hammer-on from a second to a major third (although it’s on a D chord rather than the usual F) and there’s plenty of incomprehensible mumbling.

Suggested Strumming

For a dead simple strum you could use this:

d – d u – u

Which – slowed down – sounds like this:

Strum 1

Use that twice for Em, once for each of the Cs. Then (if you’re not doing the twiddly Dsus2 passing chord) it’s twice for D.

For the G-Gsus4 bit, do the main strum for the G. Then one down strum each for Gsus4 – G – Gsus4.

For the rest, it’s four times each.

You can fancy it up a bit by using this two bar pattern:

d – d u – u d u d u – u

Which sounds like this:


Twiddly Bits

The little Dsus2 – D hammer-on is played like this:


So you play the Dsus2 chord and hammer-on the E-string at the second fret.

In the chord chart I’ve written it up in the intro only, but it’s played all the way through the song.

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