Final Fantasy – Lute of Noah (Tab)

Nobuo Uematsu – Lute of Noah (Tab)

I was completely unaware of Lute of Noah from Final Fantasy III before I got a couple of requests for it. But as soon as I heard it I knew it’s make a great campanella ukulele piece.

And it does work out really well. The tune is triplets all the way through. Just make sure you’ve got all the strings fretted for that triplet at the start of each triplet. For example, in bar 4 you’ll fret the E and A strings at the 7th fret at the start of the first triplet; then the g, C and E strings at the fifth fret at the start of the second triplet and so on.

There’s only one place where the “no consecutive notes on the same string” rule makes things tricky. In the first triplet of bar 3 you have to stretch quite a bit. If you’re okay with breaking the campanella rules you can replace the 12th fret, g-string with 10th fret A-string.

In the original version the tempo varies wildly. I’ve kept the tempo variation but made it a bit more subtle. If your fingers are nimble enough, feel free to keep up with the original.

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