Joe Brown – I’ll See You in My Dreams (Chords)

Joe Brown – I’ll See You in My Dreams (Chords)

I’ve been decidedly tardy putting up this 1920s song by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn. It was meant to go up about 7 years ago. But it’s here at last.

The song has been recorded by a huge number of people including Ukulele Ike. But it became an instant ukulele classic when Joe Brown played it at the Concert for George Harrison. And it’s his version I’ve written up.

I’ve tried to capture all the nuances of the arrangement. Which has resulted in 26 chords. Equaling So Long and Thanks for All the Fish as song with most chords. So I’ve also written up a simplified version.

Simplified Version

I’ll See You in My Dreams (Simplified Chords)

26 chords is a lot to get your head around in one go. So I’d recommend having a play through this version first so you know what’s going on. Then you can introduce elements from the full version as you see fit.

For this version I’ve also simplified the F – F6 – Fmaj7 move to F – Dm – Am to make it easier to play.

Twiddly Bits

There’s a few little ukulele licks in the song. Here’s the line that leads into the solo:


The solo itself uses notes mainly picked from the chords. With this to end it off:


And the lick right at the end:



Buy the Joe Brown version
Buy the Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards version

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