Lou Reed – Perfect Day (Chords and Tab)

Lou Reed – Perfect Day (Chords)

Usually I’ll use a capo to avoid including an E chord in a song. But this one has a capo (on the first fret) which creates the need for a E chord. But Perfect Day takes a few unusual chord turns and this turned out to be the best way to handle it (check out the alternative ways of playing E if you’re struggling). My favourite part of the progression is the dissonant C(b5) relaxing into the clean C chord. It’s the perfect musical representation of relaxing from worldly stresses by loafing around the park or sinking into a heroin stupor depending on your interpretation of the song.

Suggested Strumming

For the main strum I use:

d – d u d –

Intro: Twice per chord.

Verse: Twice per chord except once each on C(b5) – C and four times on the last E.

Chorus: Twice per chord except:

– Once on the D’ then one down-strum each on the descending run. You can also play a simple D twice if you want to skip the descending line.
– Once each on the F#m – E.

Solo: Once each for F#m and E then twice on D.

Outro: Twice per chord except the D’ run which is the same as the chorus.

Twiddly Bits

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The piano intro (provided by David Bowie) works well on uke. I’m using thumb and two finger picking.

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The solo is trickier. For this version I’m playing campanella style with one finger per string picking. If that’s not your jam, you can play it in a more standard fashion by replacing the g-string, 4th fret with E-string, 7th fret and g-string, 2nd fret with E-string, 5th fret.


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