Gear I Use in 2020

It’s been many years since I did a gear list. So here’s a rundown of the ukes, strings and various other things I use.


Main Ukes: For most of my videos I use a tenor Ohana TK-35G. The pointy uke I sometimes use is a tenor KoAloha Sceptre.

Practice Uke: I’ve been enjoying using my RISA solid tenor for practicing. It’s compact, indestructible and quiet.

Misc. Ukes: For non-tenor ukes I play: soprano Kala KA-ASLAS, aNueNue Lani II (which I have strung in low-G), and an Ohana baritone.


Strings: Clear Worth strings most of the time (I’m not a fan of the brown Worths). Although I do use Aquilas on some of my ukes.

Tuner: Fender bullet tuner. Tuners keep getting smaller and smaller. And this one is tiny. It also has a clear, bright display and feels very sturdy.

Capo: Shubb ukulele capo. Although it doesn’t work on all my ukes. I also use a G7th ultralight capo which is more versatile.

Tabs and Chords

Tabs: Guitar Pro 7. I’ve been using Guitar Pro since I started the blog more than 13 years ago. I wrote a review of it here (tl;dr: I like it).

Chords: I’ve been Sibelius to make chord charts. But it is massive overkill if that’s all you’re using it for. And, since the version I own doesn’t work with recent versions of MacOS, I’m dumping it and switching to Fretspace.

Slow Downer: I use Capo 3 to help tabbing by slowing down songs and changing the key. Both of which it does very well. It does also claim to work out chords for you. But that is hit and miss at best.


Mic: Audio-Technica AT2020 USB. Super-easy to use and a decent sound for the price.

DAW: For recording audio, I use GarageBand. But I’ve been putting in more effort with the sound recently and I’m considering upgrading to Logic Pro X.

Instagram videos: A few people have asked how I do the scrolling tabs in my videos. And I do it in the most brainless way possible. I just use the “Ken Burns” effect in iMovie.

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