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Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On (Tabs)

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On (Tab) Here’s my take on Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On. Although you could just tell people it’s Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud and no one will notice. I recommend being relaxed and loose with the phrasing in this one. Being on the beat is not sexy! My […]

Radiohead – Karma Police (Tabs)

Radiohead – Karma Police (Tab) I’ve written up quite a few Radiohead songs in the past. Now it’s time for the OK Computer track Karma Police. Intro: Mostly picking out the chords with the thumb on the C-string and the middle and index on the E and A, respectively. On the Eb chord there’s a […]

Favourite Ukulele Videos of 2022 So Far

Watch on YouTube Tracklist Vinícius Vivas – Apanhei-te Jim Boggia – Growing Up Brittni Paiva – Easy On Me SeattleUke – Over The Top Miracle King, G Herbo – My Dawg Tricity Vogue's All Girl Swing Band – Thrift Shop Ronya-Lee and the Light Factory – Light Evan J De Silva – Top Gun Anthem […]

The White Stripes – We’re Going to Be Friends (Tabs)

The White Stripes – We’re Going to Be Friends (Tab) Following on from These Days with another Cotten-picking arrangement: a rare White Stripes acoustic song We’re Going to Be Friends. But this is easier than These Days as the thumb alternating between the g- and C-strings through the whole song. The melody is very simple […]

Friday Links: Robot Overlords, NFTs and Margaritaville

After Scott Morrison’s ill-advised ukuleling, the uke became a bit of a running theme in the Australian election with ukulele leaflets and losing MPs being dispatched by a ukulele robot overlord. A bunch of ukulele groups have been doing great work raising money to aid Ukraine. If you want to give some direct help, give […]

TLC – Waterfalls (Tabs)

TLC – Waterfalls (Tab) Here’s my attempt at TLC’s heartbreaking tale of Jason Waterfalls. The intro is by far the trickiest part of the song. There are a bunch of chord stabs and some tasty licks. The melody line is exceptionally straight-forward and easy to play. The only interesting part is the bluesy “Listen to […]

TV and YouTube Themes: Black Books, Curb, Conan

Black Books Theme View this post on Instagram A post shared by @ukulelehunt Despite sounding a whole lot like Tom Waits, the Black Books theme was written by Jonathan Whitehead who provided outrageous and contagious music for much of Channel 4’s comedy output of that era. You can listen to Chris Morris’s tribute to him […]