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baseballuke.jpgThe Shane Victorino ukulele figurine I mentioned last week inspired him to great things. He hit a walk off homer at the bottom of the ninth (I have no idea what any of those words signify but that appears to mean that he did good). I hope you took my advice and grabbed an armful of them as they are currently going for anything up to $100 on eBay. Making the plastic figures far more valuable than the entire Fillies team.

Old Movie Section is a blog dedicated to charting the complete history of 1930’s Hollywood. It recently covered the divorce of Ukulele Ike and (just two weeks and a short scroll later) that of Jack Pepper from Ginger Rodgers. It looks like I was wrong to talk of Pepper’s charm.

Miss Rogers nee Virginia Katherine McMath, told a story of alleged abuse and misrepresentation on the part of her husband.

Ukulady tries to cheer up Paris Hilton.

Tofu Hut plays Jake Shimabukuro to a number of school kids. General consensus: boring.

Session tracks and chat from the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on Radio Foyle.

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