Jack Pepper Part 3: I Got A Mama…

I Got A Mama In New Orleans Another Mama Up In Maine (Chords C Tuning)

I Got A Mama In New Orleans Another Mama Up In Maine (Chords D Tuning)

Yes, I’m starting a series of posts with part 3. Anyone who has a problem with that is stuck in the Web 1.0 world. Start thinking outside the box or get left behind, people.

The reason I’m starting with part 3 is that Heather requested the chords for the third song in the Jack Pepper medley which I posted a while ago. Luckily for me and my lazy attitude, the chords have already been sussed out by chord connoisseur Arch Larizza.

I’ve put up the chords in both C and D tuning. Pepper plays the song in D tuning but the chords work just as well, if not better, in C tuning. There’s a great change from G to Eb7 made by sliding your index and ring fingers down a fret. It sounds very different from the same change in D tuning.

As well as the chords, Pepper plays a little riff after, “Most all the time.” He plays the D string at the second fret and bends it (pulls it downwards) until it is the same pitch as the third fret. Do that twice then play the string open and then at the second fret (without the bend).

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I couldn’t find any of Jack Pepper’s music to buy on the interweb. If anyone has any ideas please let me know in the comments.

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