Lyon and Healy, Martin Tenors

lyon dealy 5k koa shrine ukuleleMy latest tactic in combating UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome) is to only look at ukuleles at the other side of at least 106.4 million square kilometres of water and which I couldn’t afford short of selling one of my uglier children into slavery. Here a few ukes currently causing me to dribble all over my keyboard.

If you’re on some sort of Brewster’s Millions quest, you might want to add this Lyon and Healy 5K style Koa Shrine ukulele to the fire wood pile for $26,000. But if all your assets are tied up in long-term debentures, you’ll have to settle for the Black Bear replica at a very reasonable $3,360

In a more recognisable shape, there are a couple of Martin tenors.

tahitian manta ray ukuleleOr if you find the Lyon and Healy a little too conventional and mundane, you might like a Manta Ray Tahitian ukulele.

While some ukes go for head-turning craziness, this Laughlin 3k soprano modeled after a Martin 3k gets my vote as prettiest ukulele. The maker says it’s, “so close to the original that it is like being able to go back to 1928 and buy a brand new 3k.” Which has to be up there with ‘shoot lil baby Adolf’ on the list of things to do when you invent a time machine.

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