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Girls Aloud – Love Machine

Love Machine Midi It’s a bit disheartening that the most innovative, eclectic and enjoyable music around at them moment is made by a pop band put together on a reality TV show. Even the Arctic Monkeys had to face the fact that this song was better than anything they could come up with and cover […]

The Sonics – Have Love, Will Travel

Have Love, Will Travel midi This song was originally written by Richard Berry who also came up with Louie, Louie. It has been covered many times by the likes of The Blues Brothers, Bruce Springsteen and, most recently, The Black Keys. I’ve cheated a note in this tab so that it will fit on the […]

Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun

Blister In The Sun midi I’m away from the computer this week, so I thought I’d launch into the next series of posts in the top guitar riffs for ukulele. These aren’t the riffs that work best on the uke but those that are most recognisable, fun and catchy. You probably wouldn’t want to use […]

The Allman Brothers – Jessica

Jessica midi On Monday, I’ll be kicking off numbers 20 to 11 in my series of guitar riffs for the ukulele. I’d tabbed this out for inclusion but decided it wasn’t really a riff. It is, however, fun to play while wearing too much denim and a perm. British readers might recognise this as the […]

What Do You Want For Christmas?

Pretty soon, your clueless relatives will be searching the intertubes trying to come up with something to buy you for Christmas. To help them out, I’m going to be doing a series of posts of suggestions of gifts for ukulele players. If you want to avoid getting socks that play jingle bells, leave a comment […]

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: I’m A Fan (Part 1)

Greg Hawkes ukulele videos.

Firday Links

Design a logo for the New York Uke Fest. The ukulele is so easy to learn a chimp could do it. Bill Tapia’s 100th Birthday Show kicks off a little early. Ukulele Tonya at the Southern Californian Ukulele Festival. Howlin’ Hobbit on the ukulele’s trouble-making past. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on This Morning. […]

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (Chords) I thought I’d celebrate my 200th post by putting up a song that will make you lose any respect you might have had for me. This is my favourite song at the moment (with Sexy! No, No, No a close second), I can’t get enough of it. For those […]

Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me (Ukulele Version)

Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me (Chords) I have to admit to being a little disappointed with Jens Lekman’s latest album, Night Fall Over Kortedala. Not because of the songs but because of the low ukulele content. I admit it, I’ve got a one track mind. But there are a few uke-heavy versions of […]

Playing Guitar ‘Slash Chords’ On The Ukulele

Despite the increasing amount of tab and chords for ukulele on the internet, we still have to rely on guitar chords for most songs. If you’ve done this a lot, you’ll have come across – and possibly confused by – chords that look like this: D/F#. These are known as ‘slash chords’. On the guitar, […]

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