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AC/DC – Hells Bells

Hells Bells midi Back to AC/DC to end up the list of riffs – they are THE riff band. Buy Back in Black

John King – Carol of the Bells

UPDATE: Aw crap, it seems to have disappeared. If anyone has a copy, let me know. DOUBLE UPDATE: Big thanks to Kempo who had a copy: John King – Carol of the Bells (Tab) I was going to start December with a quick selection of Christmas uke videos, then I discovered that a video of […]

Friday Links

More (re)entrants into world of ukulele blogging: – Ukulele Review does what it says on the tin with instruments, accessories, CDs, DVDs and books. – Ukulele Ghetto is the diary of a UAS ‘sufferer’. Probably the best uke article I’ve ever seen in the press in the San Francisco Chronicle. It even introduced me to […]

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – Pin

Pin midi Nick Zinner of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs is one of my favourite guitarists around at the moment. All his parts are simple but interesting and very individual. It almost makes it worth putting up with that screaming harridan of a singer. This riff is very staccato. You can produce this by releasing the […]

Gogol Bordello – Not A Crime

Not A Crime Midi I’m very taken with this song and Gogol Bordello in general. The riff was originally an Italian folk tune called Tromba degli Zingari. I play this riff with the A string ringing throughout to give it a bit more weight on the uke. I use my thumb to play the melody […]

Nirvana – Come As You Are

Come As You Are Midi I’ve always hated Smells Like Teen Spirit. It’s an incredibly boring riff. I find this one much more interesting. Download Come As You Are on Amazon

Eric Clapton – Layla

Layla Midi I had considered tabbing the acoustic version of this before I realised it was incredibly dull in comparison. In the original version, there are a few screaming string bends. String bends tend not to work too well on the uke, so I’d suggest you use slides instead (and plenty of vibrato to keep […]

Metallica – Enter Sandman

Enter Sandman midi I’m going to get sued for putting this one up, just as you will be if you ever play an E chord followed by an F chord. Oh well, it has to be in the list. I couldn’t decide whether playing the penultimate note of the riff at the eighth or fifth […]

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: I’m A Fan (Part 2)

Videos from Seeso, Victoria Vox and Daniel McF.

Europe – Final Countdown

Final Countdown midi To play this riff, it’s important you follow the example of Europe and spend ten times longer getting big hair than practicing. Buy The Final Countdown

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