Ukulele Scales: Blues Scale

The Blues Scale is very similar to the minor pentatonic scale. There’s only one new note: the flattened fifth (also known as the devil’s interval).

C Blues Scale

The extra note fits in to the minor pentatonic like this:

C Blues Scale Fretboard

Looks like this in tab:

C blues scale tab

And sounds like this:

C Blues Scale

Here’s me having a little mess around with it.

C Blues Mess Around (MP3)

D Blues Scale

Like the minor pentatonic, you can change the key of the blues scale just by moving the same pattern up the fretboard. The lowest note on the scale is the key that it’s in. For example, the D blues scale starts on the second fret of the C string like this:

D Blues frets

And this in tab:

D Blues Scale Frets

F Blues Scale

The same deal with F. Starting on the fifth fret of the C string.

F Blues Frets

blues ukulele scale tab

If you want tab for the ‘blues mess around’ – and plenty of other ukulele blues – check out my How to Play Blues Ukulele ebook.

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