Ingrid Michaelson – Be OK

Ingrid Michaelson – Be OK (Chords) (PDF)

A lovely, simple uke tune from Ingrid Michaelson. Even simpler if you’ve still got your uke tuned down from the Eddie Vedder – Goodbye post (this one is in B tuning also).

The chords are straightforward, but the strumming is a little trickier. It involves plenty of chnks – rather than strumming, you bring the bottom of your hand down onto the strings as you strum to produce a click. The strum pattern for the verse goes like this:

Ingrid Michaelson chords

The up arrows are down strums and vice versa. The row of x’s are chnks.

Here’s me strumming it slowly then up to speed.


For the chorus you play the strumming pattern of bar 1 for the A chord and the strumming pattern of bar 3 for the next two chords.

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