Sophie Madeleine /Rocky and Balls – Beard Song (Chords)

Sophie Madeleine – Beard Song (Chords)

Before we get down to business, a little time-sensitive news: The Ukulele Shop is having a closing down sale. It’s a bit of a disaster for UK ukers, but you can pick up a few bargains on the site for now.

orlandosoyyo did some chords up for this on Uker Tabs. It’s a good write up, but I had the chords slightly different so I thought I’d put mine up as well.

One point I differ on is the last verse which, unlike the previous verses, starts with a G chord. It makes for a very pleasing transition from the A7 chord at the end of the middle section (which contains a G note). I was all ready to declare it a genius piece of songwriting. Except she has what might be a ‘wait, am I playing the right chord?’ look on her face at the time.

You can buy this song on BandCamp.

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