Rocky and Balls – I Heart You Online (Chords)

Rocky and Balls – I Heart You Online (Chords)

When Sophie Madeleine gets as famous as she’s obviously going to be, I fully intend to take all the glory for discovering her. Seeing as how I get none of the credit (or blame if you’re so inclined) for discovering Julia Nunes.

I’ll try to resist the temptation to dork-out on the chord progression as much as I did for The Ukulele Song*. But there are plenty of moments worth looking at. Like the flamenco like D – Eb-5 in the intro. And the extensive use of the IVm chord (C minor rather than the more common C major). And when they do the IV-IVm (which is pretty standard) they put the chord change between phrases rather than in the middle of it (where it’s usually used by lesser songwriters such as The Beatles).

And then, of course, it’s the Jim’ll Fix It style ba-ba-baa chorus.

Buy Sophie Madeleine’s stuff on BandCamp.

* I failed to resist.

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