Frank Sidebottom: Friday Links

Bobbins. Frank Sidebottom died this week. You know he did. He really did.

I pity the fool that doesn’t know how to play Kashmir on ukulele. Or what power chords are.

Very interesting interview with a ukulele collector on Collectors Weekly.

Frank Skinner does a Formby-esque tribute to the vuvuzela.

Kina Grannis’s ukulele has been nicked.

John Hodgman ukes it up with Neil Gaiman and Damian Kulash.

Ukulele china bags.

MP3s: Mates of the State are giving away their Daniel Johnston cover (there is uke in it, just wait), No Modest Bear have a track from Lille.

Pictures: new ukulele painting from Amy Crehore, new member of the Bobby McGee’s? #011 ukelele.

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