Aquila Bionylon, Uke Hunt Podcast on iTunes: Friday Links

Aquila are bringing out a new type of string that they’re calling Bionylon (isn’t that what Wonder Woman’s tights were made of?). Ken Middleton has been testing them out along with the Nylguts – but is keeping us in the dark as to which is which for now.

The Uke Hunt Podcast is up on iTunes (or just search for ‘uke hunt’ on iTunes) so you can subscribe and have every episode delivered straight to you. If you enjoyed the first episode, I’d be really grateful if you could leave a review on there.

You read all about them in the London News“, now you can watch the “United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra“. The canned laughter is excruciating. According to the real UOGB site they’ve been giving people the impression they’re the real UOGB. Please do give that video the thumbs down.

A guide to successful street performing.

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra are doing workshops for beginners and intermediates. Details here (PDF link)

In an idea I intend to steal adapt, Ukulele Pr0n asks what does your ukulele case say about you?

MP3s: Quite a few people were enamoured of Matt Griffo’s narwhal/unicorn song last week. You can get it free on his Bandcamp. The best track on the Amanda Palmer Radiohead EP is the one without any ukulele.

Pictures: Cthulkhelele (via Ukulelia), Giant ukulele 1926. Amanda Palmer has been painting some ukuleles.

Btw. no ‘Ukulele Window Shopping’ this week. I think my UAS is broken.

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