Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain (Chords and Tab)

Tallest Man on Earth is probably my favourite act at the moment. So much so I’m considering a rare field-trip schlepping to Salford to watch him play here. So it didn’t take too many requests to get me to tab up this song.

Open-F Tuning

He plays the song in open-C tuning with a capo at the 8th fret. To mimic that you can tune to open F (fCFA) by tuning the g-string down a whole step and the E-string up half a step.

Intro – F-Tuning

Open-F Intro

The chords aren’t exactly the same as he plays on the guitar, but I think these sound about as close as you’re going to get:

Chords – F-Tuning

One extra thing: keep playing the hammer-y on bits from the intro on the F chords in the verse.

Standard Tuning

With a few adjustments you can play the intro in standard tuning (with the capo still on the third fret) without losing much.

Intro Tab – Standard Tuning

Standard Tuning Intro

A few more adjustments to the chords and you can play it like this:

Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain (Chords)

The chords are named as if the capo wasn’t there. So when you see F you play the F chord shape.

Requested by Erin and Andrew

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