Weezer – The Christmas Song (Chords)

Weezer – The Christmas Song (Chords)

Time to break out the Christmas songs. In case you’ve joined us in the last year, the Christmas tabbing policy is tabs for well known songs and chords for completely obscure songs. Thus neatly dividing themselves between songs you can’t play and songs you don’t want to play. Weezer’s Christmas Song qualifies by virtue of it being, I’ve read, a Japanese B-side.

Suggested Strumming

It’s in 3/ 4 so you can go with:

d – d u d –

Once for each chord in what I’m calling the verse (except the final F – do it twice). Then four times each in the bridge section

You can vary it up with all down strums for the intro and the, “Since I found…” section.

Twiddly Bits

Some D minor pentatonic for the intro:

Christmas Song Intro (Tab)

And F major scale for the solo (reprised over the last verse):

The Christmas Song Solo (Tab)

I’m not sure how you can buy this song but you can buy Weezer’s Christmas record on Amazon.

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