Never Shout Never – First Dance (Lovin’ On You) (Chords)

Never Shout Never – First Dance (Lovin’ On You)(Chords)

Kids today still use the word ‘rad’?

He does make me feel incredibly old but I like Chistofer Drew and indie-urchin schtick. Plus all the chords I’ve seen for this online seem to be way out (and it’s only a 3 chord song). All of which is my justification for posting this without paying a Fall-feit.

Even though there are only three chords in the song, it does use some inversions you might not be familiar with. If you prefer, you can use the simpler versions of the chords. But it’s worth trying the new inversions as it adds to the sound. Watch out for the difference between the Bb and Bb’. The Bb’ is played at the 13th fret on the A-string. If you don’t have that many you could play the chord 10-10-10-8 or just keep the usual Bb shape instead.

Suggested Strumming

This strum will get you through most of the song:

Use that once for every chord. The only exception is the last line of the chorus where you do it twice for the Bb.

Here it is slow then up to speed:

Main Strum

The only place you’ll need something different is on the F at the end of the chorus where you can use this:

Which goes like this.

End Strum

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