Misty Miller – Remember (Chords)

Misty Miller – Remember (Chords)

If I turn into a crazy cat-lady, I think my millions will probably go to trees. Which is why I’m entirely won over to Misty Miller after she did a song for the Woodland Trust.

For this song, I’ve written up the album version. Although I prefer solo version (much less Mrazy).

Suggested Strumming

This strumming pattern will do you well:

Use that twice for each chord in the verses and once for each chord in the chorus.

Like this:

Main Strum

Twiddly Bits

If you want to do the little twiddly bit at the beginning it’s:

G – Gsus4 – D – D7 – Em – Em7 – C – Cadd9

Use this strumming pattern:

With the main chord (G, D, Em, C) in the first bar; and the fancy chord (Gsus4, D7 etc) in the second bar. So it sounds like this:

Intro Strum

She also throws in a Cmaj7 after the C at the end of the chorus.

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