Bon Iver/Kina Grannis – Michicant (Chords)

I’ve hardly listened to anything else since I picked up the new Bon Iver album. It’s incredible. I think I’ve started hallucinating ukuleles in a couple of songs (not beyond the realms of possibility).

I’ve written up the chords for Michicant in a few ways. Combining the original and Kina Grannis’s ukulele cover.

Kina Grannis Version

Bon Iver/Kina Grannis – Michicant (Chords)


Kina is tuned down (roughly) 3 frets to e-A-C#-F#. But I’ve written the chord names up as if it was standard tuning.

Here are the tuning notes to match her version.

Tuning Notes

If you use these chord shapes in standard tuning, you’ll be in the same key as the live version.

Suggested Strumming

Pluck the g-string with your thumb then do two down strums. Do that twice for Faadd9 and once each for Am and Gsus2. Then use it four times for the last two chords in each verse.


In the Original Key

Bon Iver – Michicant (Original Key)

Try these if you want to play along with the original. It’s in C# so you can make it easier by moving everything down a fret (C – Em – D).

For strumming this one, try:

d – d u d u

Kina Grannis Version in Standard Tuning

Bon Iver/Kina Grannis – Michicant (Standard Tuning)

This one is in the same key as Kina Grannis’s version but stays in standard tuning. I’ve substituted an E for the Esus2 within the verses (I think the Esus2 comes across as a Bsus4 and sounds out of place) but kept it at the end of the verse.

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