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Leftover Cuties, Crystal Fighters: UkeTube

A Dylan cover from the Leftover Cuties to belatedly celebrate his birthday (much overshadowed on the net thanks to him sharing it with Maru). Also this week: Arborea do a session for NPR, the steam-punk Posh and Becks sing a murder ballad and Herman VDC picks up a timple. At the behest of JimUke, I’ve […]

Which Songs is it Legal to Cover on YouTube?: Friday Links

It used to be that you could only legally post covers of public domain songs to YouTube. But last year YouTube struck up a deal with music publisher. That meant publishers who opted would get money from cover versions and nobody would get in trouble. Which would be great except when Andy Baio at Wired […]

Five Hip Hop Riffs

The Guitar Riffs for Ukulele series is mostly packed with rock music. But I like to broaden things out a bit now and then. So here’s a bunch of riffs from hip hop. Jay-Z and Kanye West – Ni**as in Paris Riff This has to be my favourite riff of last year. Which is really […]

Name the Ukulelist Quiz

Can you guess these ten ukulele players/acts from the clues given? Once you have your guesses, check your answers here. Then leave your score in the comments along with your darns, waahooooos and ‘how the hell was I supposed to guess that?’s. If you hover over the photos you might get an extra clue. 1 […]

Train – Sing Together (Chords)

Train – Sing Together (Chords) I’ve had a few requests for this ukulele song from Train’s new album already. So I thought I best get this one done before it turns into another Hey Soul Sister stand-off. Plus I like this one more than Hey Soul Sister. If you want to play along with the […]

Peter Delaney, Magnetic Fields: UkeTube

A whole pile of great videos collected while I was away. But I wasn’t paying as much attention as usual so if I’ve missed something great please do leave it in the comments.

Kala Resonator: Ukulele Window Shopping

Kala are doing a limited edition run of resonator ukuleles. Electric Tombo Ukelet from Japan This 40s Gretsch is nice but the case is fantastic. I’m not too keen on banjoleles, but I do quite like the idea of a ukulele-sized piccolo banjo. Photos: Psychotic clown, Deco swimsuit girl, Carthage, Missouri High School With Ukulele, […]

UOGB Documentary: Friday Links

A documentary about the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain The Ukes Down Under is raising funding. Robert Stern made a documentary about them six years ago and has filmed them again on their Australian tour this year. There’s the usual array of rewards including copies of both documentaries and a chance to appear on the […]

Leftover Cuties – Places to Go (Chords)

Leftover Cuties – Places to Go (Chords) I thought I’d posted this one months ago but there it was in my drafts. And it deserves posting because the Leftover Cuties album puts a grin on my face every time I hear it. It’s an effective poppy updating of the 30s uke sound. And it’s a […]