Allo Darlin’ – Tallulah (Chords)

Allo Darlin’ – Tallulah (Chords)

Allo Darlin’ are doing pretty well for themselves these days. And this song has picked up a fair few requests.

It’s very straightforward. Just four chords. But does use a capo on the second fret. You can achieve the same thing by using D-tuning. But I’ve kept the chord names in their C-tuning names. If you’re used to D-tuning, the chords are A, E, Bm and F#m.

Suggested Strumming

You can use this pattern all the way through:

u d u x

Four times for each chord. Notice that it starts with an upstrum – you have to play that before the first beat of the bar. Often she’s just playing all the strings open on that upstrum then hammering on the chord.

Twiddly Bits

The bit in the intro uses the same chords but with a little twist. For both the G and Em chords you play the usual chord for one strumming pattern, then take your finger off the A-string second fret and play that open for one go through the strumming pattern. Then repeat that.

So for the G chord you do the standard G then Gsus2: 0230. On the Em it’s the standard Em then Emadd11 0430

She does the same thing on the Em chord throughout the song.

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