The Fall – Mansion (Tab)

The Fall – Mansion (Tab)

The History of the Fall-feit: Back in 2009 I caved to pressure to write up Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. About an hour after that post went up I was laying unconscious on the floor with a head injury before being taken to hospital. (I’m leaving out the details in hope you’ll assume I was doing something sexy and dangerous.)

This was clearly beyond a coincidence. The only rational explanation was that the wrathful Indie Gods were displeased with me writing up a song people liked and decided I must be punished. To placate them, I had to write up tab for the most indie and least popular band in history, The Fall.

Since then I’ve been required to tab a Fall song whenever doing anything vaguely populist. There are two pop songs this week so I’m getting my Fall-feit in early. And, since it was Halloween, I went with their spooky instrumental Mansion.

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