Paramore – Interlude: Moving On (Chords)

Paramore – Moving On (Chords)

I was a bit surprised to find not one but three ukulele songs on the new Paramore album. I was even more surprised to find I liked this one.

Suggested Strumming

In the verses: Use our old friend:

d – d u – u d u

Twice for each on G and B7. Once each for Em and C.

Verse Strum

In the intro

Mute the strings by resting your left hand across them. Do the verse strum twice then alternate soft down strums (d) with hard down strums (D)

Intro Strum

In the chorus just replace the second d with a chnk:

d – x u – u d u

Chorus Strum

Once for each chord. But G is the only exception. Yes, G is the only exception. Oh, G is the only exception. The only exception is G.

For the G at the end of the second line do the strum twice. For the last G do five down strums.


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