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Where Are They Now? Video of the Year Winners

Where Are They Now? Video of the Year Winners

Every time the subject of the ukulele video of the year comes up, regular commentor, Ron Hale enquires as to the status of previous winners. So for him here’s a rundown of what happened to the ukulelists after the career peak of winning the award.

2007 Winner: Molly Lewis (Sweetafton23) – Tom Cruise Crazy

Back then: Bedroom-uker covering Jonathan Coulton.

Since then: As a direct result of this video, she ended up regularly performing and touring with Coulton and buddies like Paul and Storm, and John Hodgman.

She started writing her own songs in a similar comic style. In 2009 she released her debut album I Made You a CD, but I Eated It. And displayed no loyalty whatsoever by mercilessly crushing Paul and Storm, and her label boss Hank Green to win Masters of Song Fu #3.

What’s she done lately? Massively embarrassed Stephen Fry by serenading him in the hopes of having him impregnate her. And last year toured the US with The Doubleclicks.

Keep up to date: on sweetafton23.com

Learn to play it Tom Cruise Crazy Chords

2008 Winner: Rod Thomas – Same Old Lines

Back then: A cuddly, jumpered ukulele strummer hanging out with sock puppets.

Since then: He’s gone all sexy and started releasing rather excellent disco music under the name Bright Light Bright Light.

What’s he done lately? Last year he released the debut Bright Light Bright Light album Make Me Believe in Hope which made an appearance in many album of the year lists.

Keep up to date: On BrightLightx2.com

Learn to play it Same Old Lines Chords

2009 Winner: U900 – Diamond Head

Back then: Adorable Japanese puppets covering Ventures songs.

Since then: They followed up the Ventures album with a set of Beatles covers. But whilst touring the record 900’s spiralling drug-use caused friction with U and the band split. U travelled to Bhutan and a spent a year’s retreat at the Punakha Dzong monastery. After a disastrous 13-day marriage to Heidi Hippo, 900 vowed to get sober.

What’ve they done lately? After patching up their differences, the band recorded an album of Michael Jackson covers and have returned to playing live.

Keep up to date: Follow them on Facebook.

Learn to play it Diamond Head tab

2010 Winner: Manitoba Hal – Poulet Shack

Back then: Uke-looping Canadian bluser.

Since then: Hal has been touring relentlessly and is a regular fixture at ukulele festivals. He released his follow-up to Huckster, Flirting with Mermaids, in 2010.

What’s he done lately? Hal’s just released the fantastic Devil on the Wall. It’s killer. You should give it a listen.

Keep up to date: On ManitobaHal.com

Learn to play it Poulet Shack tab

2011 Winner: A Banda Mais Bonita – Oracao

Back then: Bunch of Brazilian buddies having a blast.

Since then: They’ve released a self titled debut album (listen and download it here). And an EP Canções Que Vão Morrer no Ar

What’ve they done lately? The band’s ukulelist Rodrigo Lems has been busy releasing his own solo album and playing in the band Naked Girls and Aeroplanes

Keep up to date: Follow them on Facebook.

Learn to play it Oracao chords

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