Ukulele Video of the Year: Winners and Runners Up

Each year on the blog I run a contest to find readers’ favourite ukulele video of the year. Here are the winners and other popular entries.

2012 Winner: Sophie Madeleine, Jocelyn Mackenzie & Emily Hope Price – Bei Mir Bist Du Schön

Who? English singer/songwriter teamed up with the lady parts of Pearl and the Beard.

Why is it popular? Good times and awesome Andrews Sisters harmonies.

Want to hear more? Visit and

Read the winners’ interview.

Learn to play it Bei Mir Bist du Schon Chords

2011 Winner: A Banda Mais Bonita – Oracao

Who? Big band of Brazilian buddies.

Why is it popular? Good vibes and an irresistible melody.

Want to hear more? Visit their website.

Read The winners’ interview

Learn to play it Oracao chords

2010 Winner: Manitoba Hal – Poulet Shack

Who? Burly Canadian blues uker.

Why is it popular? Funky blues riffery and fried chicken.

Want to hear more? Listen to Hal’s stuff on Bandcamp.

Read The winners’ interview

Learn to play it Poulet Shack tab

2009 Winner: U900 – Diamond Head

Who? Adorable Japanese knitted pair with a love of the Ventures.

Why is it popular? The characterful pair and wonderful animation proved a big hit amoungst ukulele players and kitch lovers across the net – making a big splash on Boing Boing.

Want to hear more? U900 – Ukulele Ventures

Read their winners’ interview

Learn to play it Diamond Head tab

2008 Winner: Rod Thomas – Same Old Lines

Who? Welsh indie-popster with a talent for tunes.

Why is it popular? A killer tune matched with a nostalgic kids’ TV and an adorable beard. Irresistible to ukulele players.

Want to hear more? Rod Thomas – Until Something Fits

Read The winner’s interview (and grab an MP3 of a ukulele version of Your Love is a Tease).

Learn to play it Same Old Lines Chords

2007 Winner: Molly Lewis (Sweetafton23) – Tom Cruise Crazy

Who? Tousle-haired UkeTube sensation.

Why is it popular? Jonathan Coulton and ukulele players have a strong and mutual love thanks to a combination of irreverance, tunefulness and a cheery disposition. He invited Molly to join him live for this song and has employed the uke talents of Kristen Shirts and John Hodgman.

Want to hear more? Molly Lewis – I Made You a CD but I Eated It.

Learn to play it Tom Cruise Crazy Chords

2012 Runner-Up: John Bianchi – The Dumber they Come

Who? Old school ukulelist from New York.

Why is it popular? Jazzy chords, Formby strumming, hilarious lyrics.

Want to hear more? Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Learn to play it The Dumber they Come Chords.

2011 Runner-Up: Lisa Hannigan – Knots

Who? Irish singer/songwriter and former Damien Rice sidekick.

Why is it popular? She has one of the best voices in the world. And a fine picking hand too.

Want to hear more? Visit

Learn to play it Knots tab.

2010 Runner-Up: Bella Hemming – Play Guitar

Who? Young Australian songstress (not a pair of twins).

Why is it popular? Instantly catchy singalong.

Want to hear more? Visit her YouTube channel.

Learn to play it Play Guitar tab.

2009 Runner-Up: Ukulelezo – Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Who? Canadian girl in glasses and playing ukulele (GIGAPUS)

Why is it popular? Many cover versions are lacking in originality and personality. Two things you could never say about this version. It does what all good covers should do – bring a whole new dimension to the song and make it completely fresh.

Want to hear more? Subscribe to Zoe’s YouTube Channel

Read Ukulelezo interview

2008 Runner-Up: Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra – It’s a Heartache

Who? Multi-headed New Zealand orchestra.

Why is it popular? Wonderful ukulele arrangement from a band packed with talent.

Want to hear more? WIUO – The Heartache EP

Read WIUO interview.

Learn to play it It’s A Heartache Tabs and Chords

2007 Runner-Up: GUGUG – Blitzkrieg Bop

Who? Glaswegian punkulele duo.

Why is it popular? Punk energy on the ukulele.

Want to hear more? GUGUG’s YouTube Channel

Read Gus Raucous interview

Learn to play it Blitzkreig Bop Chords

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